Effect From Placebo Elixir

Placebo elixir effect


Fool me once shame on you fool me twice well you know the rest. http://thecamelsaloon.blogspot.com/2013/03/placebo-elixir-effect.html?m=1


We all fall for the placebo elixir effect. One way or another. Maybe it is ok if it makes you feel better.

You may never know there is no real difference!

Stagger From The Competitive Dagger

This is from Swagger of a jaguar


May have some finesse but will.be cutthroat as well.


Botox in excess. Just a little here and there. Tighten up make it firmer . Don’t show your age!

Competitive Dagger figuratively of course.


Runway of success. It’s a tough industry all of us professional eye candy got to do what we got to do.


Be cautious ! Dont end up.in a Quicksand quagmire.

At least,  pull those around you if you have to in the dirt as  well.

Digital Age Vampire Or Periodical Extinct Dinosaur


In the digital age we have a choice . We can either become immortal or become extinct. What we put on line could be there potentially for many years. Who knows maybe hundreds? But if we don’t invest in this age we become erased.

Think about if you are published in a periodical in 1996 and they have not scanned it online  where does it go?  You have to go in the back of a library to view it.


Don’t be extinct like a dinosaur become a digital age vampire.


We all have the ability to have a voice online. We can all make impact. Our lives can be remembered. Whether its posting pics of your family so your grand kids can see them or promoting your ideas on line think of the long term potential this mindset creates.


The playing field has been leveled. The garbage truck driver who understands social media can live forever while the millionaire architecht who doesn’t believe he needs social media becomes extinct.